graph/networks analysis functions in Octave

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octave-networks-toolbox: A set of graph/networks analysis functions in Octave

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This is a repository of functions relevant to network/graph analysis, adapted for Octave. The code currently runs on GNU Octave version 3.8.1 with Gnuplot 4.6.4. No additional libraries are required. Functional interdependencies are documented within the function headers, and visualized below.

These routines are intended for someone who is starting to analyze data as a network, and beginning to write their own code. They are easy to modify, reuse or build upon. The code is organized roughly by functionality into 10 categories, from basic routines that return the number of nodes and edges, to algorithms that build graphs with certain properties.

Contributions, suggestions, corrections and questions are always welcome.

functional dependencies graph Graph of functional dependencies in this toolbox. An edge points from routine A to routine B if routine A is called within routine B.